Jahna Sebastian is a Spiritual Soul Healer, World Teacher, Musical Genius, Mystic, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Composer creating a positive change in the world. She is talented in every field. Jahna is a singer, songwriter, producer, videographer, sound engineer and accomplished musician who writes, produces, performs, engineers, mixes her own music doing it all from programming instruments to editing. She is a founder of independent record label and music studio Multivizion Music, culture platform Alchemist TV and a few other media platforms. 


     Jahna Sebastian is of South Indian and Russian origins with ancestry in mystical Siberia and Kerala, India, born on 12 June 1986 in Moscow, former USSR. That day later became a Russian state holiday called ‘Day of Russia’. Jahna attended prestigious Bolshoy Theatre kindergarten as she was accepted at the age of three for her extraordinary talents. A child prodigy, from a very young age many people noticed her exceptional talents. At the age of two she could count in millions, by the age of three her artwork was already exhibited in Germany and she learned to read music at the age of 7 when she joined professional children’s orchestra in the Loktev Ensemble playing Russian traditional instrument domra for eight years. Jahna has been singing all her life. By the age of 11 she spoke English fluently as a foreign language and started writing poems - in English. Jahna attended schools 1234 and 91 in Arbat District of Central Moscow, where she studied world history, Russian and English literature among other subjects. She graduated from school early at the age of 15 and passed university exams the same summer. She graduated from Russian Academy of Music at the age of 19, completing the five year program within four years. 


    From a very early age Jahna has been studying various religions and spiritual traditions from all around the world and as a teenager she sang in a Russian Church choir. Coming from an ancient lineage of highly spiritual ancestry in Eastern traditions from Orthodox Christianity to Shamanism and Russian traditional magic, Jahna had the knowledge about the world, life and death well beyond her age even as a child, she grew up growing fruit and vegetables with her great grandmother from Siberia, walking in the forests outside of Moscow while reading many books on history and spirituality. 


    In June 2006 Jahna moved to London all by herself, with one suitcase and established herself within a year.. She studied Music Production at Point-Blank College and worked full-time as a music equipment sales expert at the legendary music technology shop Turnkey. She bought a property in London and built her own studio, which she called Multivizion Music in April 2007, before she even reached the age of 21. By that time she had already accomplished self-sufficiency and independence within eight months in the country she had just moved into. Jahna also decided to make her studio the cultural centre to make a change in the world she wants to see. She chose to stay independent and present the new way forward for many generations to come. 


    However, in November 2007 the UK Home Office put her immigration case on the wrong procedure and she was detained illegally for two months while pregnant with her daughter. She was released on bail posted by a Russian Orthodox Church priest, when she was five months pregnant as her case was taken to High Court. After a two year battle Ms Sebastian’s case was finally approved and she was granted her stay in the UK. On 22nd May 2008 Jahna gave birth to her daughter Nicole. She continued pursuing music while raising her daughter as a single mother and working a lot behind the scenes for three years. After producing and engineering a few hundred songs for other artists, including the iconic debut album by famous Russian rapper Oxxxymiron, who’s career she helped launch as she recorded and produced his vocals for five years, almost all of his early track from the time he started rapping. She also taught Markul how to rap from the age of 16 and many others. Multivizion Music became the centre of Russian hip-hop and pioneered grime music in Russia while changing the Russian hip-hop scene for the better. Jahna produced and released four of her own EP’s: ‘Emancipation EP’ (2009), ‘The Edge of Love’ (2014), ‘I Am Free EP’(2014) and ‘Love Over Hate EP’ (2016). 


In 2016 Jahna Sebastian was granted British Citizenship, her daughter Nicole also became British as Jahna made an application for her too, as in the UK a child cannot become British by birth and can only become British, when the parent does and applies for them. 


On 23rd September 2017 Jahna Sebastian released her first album ‘The Alchemist’, which she has written, recorded, produced, arranged, performed and mixed all by herself as a one woman project, on her label Multivizion Music. After eight months, in May 2018 Jahna Sebastian released her second album ‘Legends On The Map’ also written, recorded, produced and mixed all by herself. Jahna stated that she is writing a Musical Book of our times and every album is like a chapter in this book. Jahna is putting her spiritual knowledge into the sounds, words and symbols in her music, telling the stories from the past, present and future of humanity. Many of her songs and predictions have already been prophetic. As in May 2018 on IG Live on Times Square she talked about the choices to be made about freedom for humanity in the upcoming events that happened in the world in 2020, 2021 onwards. Jahna is a force of the Universe who is bringing the Golden Age of spirituality, art, music, culture, knowledge and prosperity for humanity all around the world.


"The Edge of Love EP" released 13 December 2013
"The Edge of Love" http://soundcloud.com/multivizionmusic-1/jahna-sebastian-the-edge-of
"Always Be There" dnb remixhttp://dlablack.tumblr.com/post/51214196375/a-fantastic-drum-and-bass-version-of-jahna (2013)
"Running" (2012) music video on KicoTV:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssJZKJRgl5s
"Stay Afloat" O.B.S. feat Jahna Sebastian, music video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N4_I9fjRGQ
"The Other Side (2012) https://soundcloud.com/multivizionmusic-1/the-other-side-jahna-sebastian
"London Don't Believe in Ur Fears" and remix net video: http://www.hiphophoodcommunity.com/jahna-sebastion-video-photo-shoot-london-dont-believe-in-ur-fears.html
"London Don't Believe in Ur Fears" Produced by Jahna Sebastianhttp://soundcloud.com/multivizionmusic-1/london-dont-believe-in-ur
"Lights On" P.Nology feat. Jahna Sebastian (Produced by JahnaSebastianhttp://jahnasebastian.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/lights-on-pnology-feat-jahna-sebastian.html
"Against Us" Monsterstarz feat. Jahna Sebastian club (2012)http://mlook.ru/dxtjwuu/monsterstarz_feat_jahna_sebastian_against_us_2012.html#axzz2C2ozx7SF
"Always Be There" reggae (2012) on Reggae Forever Vol. 3 compilation https://soundcloud.com/multivizionmusic-1/always-be-there-jahna
"Hunger for Love" reggae (2012) https://soundcloud.com/multivizionmusic-1/hunger-for-love-jahna
"Tell Me" dancehall http://soundcloud.com/multivizionmusic-1/tell-me-jahna-sebastian
"Fame Money Game" music video (2011): http://mstrendy.com/uncategorized/jahna-sebastian-fame-money-game-music-video-and-emancipation-ii
"Emancipation II" (Multivizion Music, 2011)
"No Illusions" (2010) music video: http://jahnasebastian.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/no-illusions-music-video.html
"When Love Comes Around" on "Summer 2010" compilation:http://babada.ru/music/rap-hip-hop/12988-yg-unit-lojaz-tuman-rap-oboyma-jahna-sebastian-krajm-volshebnik-summer-2010.html
"Find Me" (2010) Written and produced with Gareth Nathan
"Emancipation EP" (Multivizion Music, 2009) 8 songshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/emancipation-ep/id347812305
"Pover' v Moyu Lubov" McWertX feat. Jahna Sebastian (2009)http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/3320584

other production and engineering credits: 
"Vechniy Jid" LP by Oxxxymiron (engineer/recording at Multivizion Music, 2011) 14 Songs 
"Russky Cockney" hit single by Oxxxymiron additional vocals 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_8DbXTPNp4 (500 000 views)
"Nevalyashka" (2012) single by Oxxxymiron (recording/mixing)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvHdWsk6bx8
"Ultima Thule" (2012) single by Oxxxymiron (recording/mixing)
"Vzveshenniy Rap" mixtape  by Markul (engineer/recording/mixing at Multivzion Music, 2011) 
"Moi Mentalitet" dubstep version (production/recording/mixing at Multivizion Music, 2011) http://www.rap.ru/ru/multimedia/id-35502/pg-1
"Heart Skip a Beat" single by Sherii Ven Dyer (2011) http://youknowigotsoul.com/?p=10874
"Stratford" remix by Markul (production/recording/mixing 2011)http://greenpark.tv/?p=440
"V Tihom Omute" Oxxxymiron and Markul (engineering/mixing) music video with cameo from Devlin:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9t5iwbmsDQ
"How Would You Feel" (2012) and "Mek Yuh My Man" (2010) by Sherii Ven Dyer
"Chertovo Koleso" Oxxxymiron feat. No Limit and I1 (engineering, mixing 2011)https://soundcloud.com/greenparktv/oxxxymiron-feat-no-limit-and
"Hroniki Londona" mixtape by rap group "Tribe" (engineer/recording/mixing at Multivizion Music, 2009) 
"V Strane Jenshin" Oxxxymiron (engineering/mixing 2009)
"Den Fizkulturnika" Oxxxymiron (engineering/mixing 2009)
"So Storoni Vostoka" mixtape by Den Bro (2008)
a few tracks by other artists like Kofi Blaxx, Relevance, Buzzstart etc. 

With "Muzungu" reggae group (singing/performing/writing/production: 
"Leave It Up" LP Muzungu (Navigator Records, 2009) albumhttp://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/4542367/?item=4537405
"SU242" Produced by Jason Air, London (2006)
With reggae/hip hop group Jah Soldiers (singing/performing/writing/production):
"Multivizion Time" LP (2007) 
other solo: 
"Tough Game" single (2008)
"Magic Trix" (2006)
"We Live Forever" single (2004) (singing. prod. by Laslo) 

Very.co.uk advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2ZuOeymkrk&feature=share&list=PLfGCjZWWx9n2p9owu_4aDsBUGjVtlzD5W
"Harry Potter 7", "Eastenders", "Made in Chelsea", "I Give It a Year", "Trance" etc. commercials (Samsung, Grolsch, Sainsburys, Vodaphone, BBC, BRIT AWARDS promo, Playboy Perfume, Footlocker, Masterchef India, Bank of Abu Dhabi, Subway, Debenhams, Kelogg's, B&Q, Halifax, Gatwick Corporate etc.) 

short films"Nashilee", "Coin", "French Fries and Chocolate Cupcake", feature film "Reversed" (tba 2012

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Over 150 Live performances in Russia and across the UK from Moscow to many shows in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, High Wycombe, Coventry, Rochester, Waltham Cross etc.