A brief list of some of the released music that I have worked on and I haven't even included everything. There are hundreds of songs and beats more I had worked on, that haven't been released for some reason. 
15 music videos


new EP code name "L vs H" (November 2014) 
London Don’t Believe In Fear Feat Jahna Sebastian, Merky ACE, Non Konseksja, & TKO – Produced By Monsterstarz
pre-order https://www.nohatsnohoods.com/product/popek-monster-2/

mix tape "The Other Side" 
"One And a Million" Jahna Sebastian & The Lost Enemy (Produced by Jahna Sebastian) 
out on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/one-and-a-million-si…/id905051799

"Lift Me Up" VIP Remix (Produced by Jahna Sebastian) 
"I Am Free" EP 2014
1. I Am Free
2. Lift Me Up
3. Time to Love
4. Do It For You
5. Do It For You Remix
6. Do It For You instrumental

out on iTunes

"The Edge of Love"EP 2013
1. The Edge of Love
2. One Day
3. Poison
4. Desert
5. Running
6. Love Letter
7. Desert Remix

"Paslanmadım Aksine Hızlandım" Nefer Flex ft. Jahna Sebastian (Turkey, 2013)
"Vigilantes" Psythe & Calibre feat. Jahna Sebastian (Starman EP 2014)
"Holy Grail" remix Jahna Sebastian
http://youtu.be/qgoIU8koY1A (2013)
"The Edge of Love" http://soundcloud.com/multivizi…/jahna-sebastian-the-edge-of
"Always Be There" dnb remixhttp://dlablack.tumblr.com/…/a-fantastic-drum-and-bass-vers… (2013)

"Running" (2012) music video on KicoTV:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssJZKJRgl5s
"Stay Afloat" O.B.S. feat Jahna Sebastian, music video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N4_I9fjRGQ
"The Other Side (2012) https://soundcloud.com/multi…/the-other-side-jahna-sebastian
"London Don't Believe in Ur Fears" and remix net video:http://www.hiphophoodcommunity.com/jahna-sebastion-video-ph…
"London Don't Believe in Ur Fears" Produced by Jahna Sebastianhttp://soundcloud.com/multivizion…/london-dont-believe-in-ur
"Lights On" P.Nology feat. Jahna Sebastian (Produced by JahnaSebastian)http://jahnasebastian.blogspot.co.uk/…/lights-on-pnology-fe…
"Against Us" Monsterstarz feat. Jahna Sebastian club (2012)http://mlook.ru/…/monsterstarz_feat_jahna_sebastian_against…
"Always Be There" reggae (2012) on Reggae Forever Vol. 3 compilationhttps://soundcloud.com/multivizionmus…/always-be-there-jahna
"Hunger for Love" reggae (2012)https://soundcloud.com/multivizionmus…/hunger-for-love-jahna
"Tell Me" dancehall http://soundcloud.com/multivizionmu…/tell-me-jahna-sebastian
"Fame Money Game" music video (2011): http://mstrendy.com/…/jahna-sebastian-fame-money-game-music…
single 2013

"Emancipation II" (Multivizion Music, 2011)
"No Illusions" (2010) music video: http://jahnasebastian.blogspot.co.uk/…/no-illusions-music-v…

"When Love Comes Around" on "Summer 2010" compilation:http://babada.ru/…/12988-yg-unit-lojaz-tuman-rap-oboyma-jah…

"Find Me" (2010) Written and produced with Gareth Nathan
"Emancipation EP" (Multivizion Music, 2009) 8 songshttps://itunes.apple.com/…/album/emancipation-ep/id347812305
1. Emancipation
2. Sad
3. Nothing Like My Freedom feat. Marc of the Infirmary
4. Please Forgive Dem Lord
5. Losinourselves
6. The Price of the Beauty
7. Skit feat. Oxxxymiron, Tribe
8. Emancipation Remix feat. Rephlex

"Pover' v Moyu Lubov" McWertX feat. Jahna Sebastian (2009)http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/3320584

other production and engineering credits: 
"Vechniy Jid" LP by Oxxxymiron (engineer/recording at Multivizion Music, 2011) 

1.«Восточный Мордор»
2.  «Тентакли»
3.  «Спонтанное самовозгорание»
4.  «CCTV»
5.  «До сих пор МС»
6.  «Привет со дна» (при уч. dom!No)
7.  «Вечный жид»
8.  «В бульбуляторе»
9.  «Судьба моралиста»
10.  «Цифры и цвета»
11.  «Russky Cockney»
12.  «В говне»
13. «Крокодиловы слёзы»
14.  «Жук в муравейнике» (при уч. Schokk)


"Russky Cockney" by Oxxxymiron additional vocals 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_8DbXTPNp4 (500 000 views)
"Nevalyashka" (2012) single by Oxxxymiron (recording/mixing)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvHdWsk6bx8
"Ultima Thule" (2012) single by Oxxxymiron (recording/mixing)
"Vzveshenniy Rap" mixtape by Markul (engineer/recording/mixing at Multivzion Music, 2011) 
"Moi Mentalitet" dubstep version (production/recording/mixing at Multivizion Music, 2011) http://www.rap.ru/ru/multimedia/id-35502/pg-1
"Heart Skip a Beat" single by Sherii Ven Dyer (2011)http://youknowigotsoul.com/?p=10874

"Stratford" remix by Markul (production/recording/mixing 2011)http://greenpark.tv/?p=440
"Saga ob Orlah i Kanareikah" Oxxxymiron & Schokk (recoding Oxxxymiron's vocals + intro)
"V Tihom Omute" Oxxxymiron and Markul (engineering/mixing) music video with cameo from Devlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9t5iwbmsDQ
"How Would You Feel" (2012) and "Mek Yuh My Man" (2010) by Sherii Ven Dyer
"Chertovo Koleso" Oxxxymiron feat. No Limit and I1 (engineering, mixing 2011)https://soundcloud.com/greenpa…/oxxxymiron-feat-no-limit-and
"Hroniki Londona" mixtape by rap group "Tribe" (engineer/recording/mixing at Multivizion Music, 2009) 

"V Strane Jenshin" Oxxxymiron (engineering/mixing 2009)
"Den Fizkulturnika" Oxxxymiron (engineering/mixing 2009)
"So Storoni Vostoka" mixtape by Den Bro (2008)
a few tracks by other artists like Kofi Blaxx, Relevance, Buzzstart etc. 
"Music Is My Remedy" by Sharon Cherry Ballard (engineer/recording/mixing)
With "Muzungu" reggae group (singing/performing/writing/production: 
"Leave It Up" LP Muzungu (Navigator Records, 2009) albumhttp://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/4542367/?item=4537405

"SU242" Produced by Jason Air, London (2006)
With reggae/hip hop group Jah Soldiers (singing/performing/writing/production):
"Multivizion Time" LP (2007) 12 Songs
other solo: 
"Tough Game" single (2008)
"Magic Trix" (2006)
"We Live Forever" single (2004) (singing. prod. by Laslo)
2004 two songs with a group called "Amsterdam" (with Lesha Delovoi from "Derevo Jizni")