'Day by Day' song by Jahna Sebastian

Global Superstar Jahna Sebastian releases 'Day By Day,'  this is the first single off her upcoming project which is a continuation of her critically acclaimed album Legends On The Map.  The London based singer/songwriter/producer and engineer released the album this past spring. The album featured her first single 'Looking for Love',  her second single 'Calling,'  and her third single 'Life' all three singles were well received by critics and fans alike. Legends On the Map was written, recorded, produced, performed and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at Multivizion Music. It is a one woman project like her first album The Alchemist.  Ms. Sebastian stated when talking about the new album, "It continues the story as I unfold my vision for the world to bring people together through music." 

'Day By Day' was written, recorded, produced, arranged, performed and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at her studio Multivizion Music. The song is about the inspirational movement she is creating to empower people all around the world to make a positive change. Ms. Sebastian stated regarding the single, "The way we can move forward as humanity is towards the Golden Age. Golden Age means the time of true enlightenment, that includes bringing light through golden rhymes in songs. Many people want to know the truth, there are many opinions, but there is knowledge that will unite everyone finally. " 

Ms. Sebastian further stated, "The change starts from within, it is something that everybody can do outside of politics, it's an act of kindness and sincere love. It is knowledge about the universe, the eternal life of the soul and what truly can make someone happy beyond materialistic goals. The change will be happening day by day, step by step, it involves everyone and it is a spiritual growth. I am writing the music and lyrics that reflect our times, as the soundtrack to the past, the present and the future history of the world." 

Ms. Sebastian also mentioned in her song, her trip to New York in May. She sang about connecting with places like Brooklyn and Croydon in South London, while on 42nd street she took the opportunity to sing her powerful single 'Times Square'.  She also performed a spontaneous freestyle with Rahiem from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, GV and Johnny Platinum Plus later that evening.  Ms. Sebastian stated, "The song is making a statement about that moment in hip-hop history and connecting the dots in culture internationally. It also reflects how I am uplifting everyday people in places like Croydon, where I live, or the Bronx and how reviving the spirit can give people their power." 

Ms. Sebastian powerful lyrics are quite captivating, verses from Day By Day read: 

Got my education, know the ins and outs of life 
Know my destination coming from the ancient times 
Victory, my logo is that Multivizion Time 
Day by day 
Working on that progress, Croydon and the Bronx 
Sound like distant cousins music legacy in songs 
Times Square in May, Brooklyn on that day, 
Meeting of the minds, history in golden rhymes, 
It can change the weather, Legends On The Map, 
Got my scale with the feather on the World Wide Web 
I got vision for my people with a vibe and a rhythm 
Day by day 

The notes, the words, the music in your brain, 
The more we work, the longer it will stay, 
The tales, the songs, that bring a better way 
Day by day 

Ms. Sebastian recently interviewed with Attica Lundy for On The Rise Magazine, where she discussed  her new record. Please see a portion of the interview below: 

@AtticaLundy: In my part of the world, the tone for a lot of this album would be considered "Woke".  What was the inspiration for this album? 

Jahna Sebastian: 
We are on the crossroads of history, the most crucial time in thousands of years and I am reflecting that through my music as I want to send out a message of hope and truth to the world. Humanity will have to make very important choices in the coming times, that will determine the future. I am describing aspects and giving the clues through my lyrics and sound, with this album 'Legends On The Map', it's different places as they may be familiar with history repeating itself through eras in time. Many lessons are told through ancient myths and legends, now it is the time to take charge and create the new legends of this era to make the legends alive. I am showing the connection between different points in the world, while many questions are being raised in regards to uniting people from various countries and cultural backgrounds. There is a common thread, and that is the fact of being human. As The Alchemist is setting on a journey, the discovery happens through traveling physically and spiritually. With this album I'm showing and outlining my vision through a tale about the travels and knowledge on the way. 

Ms. Sebastian is currently working with talented Russian artist Ainur Timergaliev who did the artwork for her last two album covers, on an upcoming exhibition which will feature their works in art and music respectively. "The artwork represents being the connection on the crossroads where the world is at right at this point in history now between the East and the West, stated Ms. Sebastian. 



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