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Global Superstar Jahna Sebastian Talks Music and Freedom on Leaders Magazine UK 

NEW YORK - Nov. 24, 2022 - Leaders Magazine UK is getting up close and personal with London based singer, sound engineer, philosopher, videographer and multi-instrumentalist Jahna Sebastian! Who is also an accomplished musician who writes, produces, performs, engineers, mixes her own music doing it all from programming instruments to editing. She is the founder of independent record label and music studio Multivizion Music and culture platform Alchemist TV. The brunette beauty interviewed with the international magazine to discuss all things music, future projects and her thoughts on what freedom means to her. 

Check out a condensed sneak peak of the interview below:

When did you start doing music?
I have been singing all my life, from the age of seven I played domra in children's orchestra for eight years. I graduated from the university with A Master's Degree at the age of 19 just before I turned 20. I also attended a one year Music Production course in London. I always wanted to be the master of music in every way as it is a universal language that can unite people and tell stories.

What is your creative process like?
I do everything myself, I work alone in my studio. It can start with the concept of the song, sometimes I write the lyrics first. I also often create the beat first, starting with the drums and bass line, adding piano, synth or other sounds. I usually compose the melody as I record, especially when I am arranging the backing vocals. I sing many layers of backing vocals. I work in Logic and Pro Tools with various plugins. I play piano and use my keyboard to make music arrangements, program beats and for automation in music production. I also play other instruments. I mix the entire song, I love the part of it when I am adding effects, it can really transform the sound. I film and edit many of my visuals and I style myself. I work on it every day, all the time, coming up with ideas on the spot. I read a lot of books, both nonfiction and fiction. Creativity is a way of life for me.

Many of your songs are about freedom. What does it mean for you?
Freedom is the theme of my life. It is necessary to be creative. It also means responsibility. In the XXI century when there is powerful technology, it is about knowing how to use it for the better of both the people and the planet. In the information age, even though there are so many channels and platforms, it is important to know what is real and use intuition.

Global Superstar Jahna Sebastian Releases Her Impressive New Single 'Choice To Be Free' 


'Choice To Be Free' was written, recorded, produced, arranged, performed and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at her studio Multivizion Music. Ms. Sebastian introduced her new song on Wandsworth Radio with Lucy Ellen on her highly popular radio show. When asked about her new single Ms. Sebastian said, "The choice that you make within yourself every day to stay on your path, to stay true to your values, your soul. In the digital age there are many opinions, points of view on society, the key is to make a choice that's based on what you really stand for. It is a time to be fearless and use the principle of the Universe, the freedom of choice. Another principle is what it is to be historically for the best of humanity to live and continue into the Golden Age and that includes collective choice. 

Freedom also means responsibility, many people are asking for it, but it takes courage to acknowledge, that some people are still mentally enslaved. One also needs to not be afraid of those, who do stand up for freedom, of the strength that comes with it. It's about making a choice that truly represents freedom. 

When asked about her inspiration to create,  Ms Sebastian stated, "I create music of freedom, to inspire people to see that true liberation is within themselves. 

In many regimes throughout history, it was about the people or individuals, who realized that the right to be free is what they have and should stand up for if needed. For someone to take the red pill of truth instead of the blue pill of illusion, they have to decide themselves. It is also about freedom of choice in a spiritual sense, to have a positive outlook on situations, that there at least two choices every time, either the cup is half empty, or the cup is half full, with tens, even thousands of other possibilities. There are many important choices to make. How many people would choose love, when the idea about chasing money is widely promoted? Hard work over taking the easy road while compromising dignity? Honesty over sugarcoating the truth? On a daily basis, in this fast paced world, when many have a hard time finding the right consumer product, it is even more apparent that choosing reactions, ways to act and listening to your heart is the guiding light to shine on the way. " 

Ms. Sebastian also stated, "Everything I work on, represents the idea of choosing to be free. I started Multivizion Music studio and label as manifestation of that, as a label that releases music in multiple genres, Alchemist TV is platform for culture worldwide. I am an independent artist, who chose freedom of expression to write, produce, have complete creative control, arrange, play instruments, make music with a message that I want to give to people all around the world. Ideas, that I want to really share. It is a beautiful feeling and real purpose that I walk in every day."